who we are

  Robert Seals  

Robert Seals is the founder and heart of Mother Nature's Temple.

Through his activism,metal working and vision, Robert has found yet another calling as an educator of nature and environment.

Robert has dedicated his life to connecting people to nature.  

He has donated his royalties from his art, music, and various inventions, including Kleen Kanteen, to this endeavor. 

Staff members

Board Members

Our sacred space, Mother Nature

Robert Seals

​B.O.D. -  President  -  C.E.O.

Mark Kesterson

​B.O.D. -  G.M.  -  C.F.O.  -  Boat Skipper

Mike Mitchel

​B.O.D.  -  Project Director

Scott Gursky

​B.O.D. -  1st Mate

Todd Champagne


Kathy Johnston


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Susan O´neill (Kanka)

​Resident B.S.Registered Nurse

Luisa and Simon

Resident Interns

Web design - MetalArtwork

Management Assistant

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The 5 metal whales have been placed on the N.O.A.A Monterey  Bay Sanctuary building