Why we do this

Our mission is simple. To connect people with nature.

     Robert Seals has spend most of his life out in the woods.

As a pre-adolescent he would often leave his house on a Friday after school and camp for the whole weekend. This exposure to nature since his early years made him stay connected to the source of happiness and well being that nature provides.

Years later, he read a book called "Vitamin N" that finally confirm what his intuition told him, the disconnection of people with nature was causing several troubles to their physical and mental health.


     Now, after a worldwide conference where doctors and scientists met, this issue was given a name "Nature Deficit Disorder"

Finding this information inspired Robert to create his non-profit organization and help people to connect with nature again.


     He fulfilled this intention providing mountain hikes and forest ecology. 

Educative boat outings in Monterey Bay as well as canoe outings from Moss Landing and Santa Cruz harbour, for developing awareness of the Marine Ecosystem.

*We accept donations to help sustain our non-profit organization.


Santa Cruz, California

Robert Seals 

530 - 521 - 3486


Mark Keterson


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