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Mother Natures Temple is a Valid Non-Profit

We are and always will be a not-for-profit entity. We shall be funded by donations, grants, rental of equipment and properties, the manufacturing and sale of ecological, sustainable goods and fees collected from diverse seminars, workshops, classes and clinics.


Our many activities shall include, but are not limited to:  weekly earth-based gatherings,  environmental awareness, conferences, children's activities, addiction and abuse support, weddings, funerals, outreach services, summer camps and retreats, yoga, meditation, music, art and dance.

If you appreciate what we are creating in the world and would like to donate to Mother Natures Temple, either use the Paypal button above or....

Mail us a check/money order payable to
Mother Nature's Temple 
644 Hester Creek Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95033

Thank You






EIN # 45-2628206



State of  California
Fanchise  Tax Board
ATTN:MARK KESTERSON Case: 2660052058i969910
644  HESTERCREEKRD Case Unit:       2660052058     969913
LOSGATOSCA 95033 In reply refer to: 760:TLS:F1  0
Regarding : Tax-Exempt   Status
Organization's Name : Mother Natures Temple
CCN :3387331
Purpose : Religious
R&TC§ : 23701d
Form of Organization : Incorporated
Accounting Period Ending : 12/31
Tax-ExemptStatus Effective : 06/20/2011
Exempt  Determination    Letter
We have  determined    the  organization    is tax-exempt   from  California   franchise   or income  tax  as stated
in the  above  Revenue  and  Taxation  Code (R&TC) section (§).

FT6 9941  PASS(REV03-2013) Exempt Application\Correspondence  \


Theresa L. Schock
Telephone:   916.845.4171
Fax: 916.843.0932
FTB 9941   PASS (REV 03-2013)            Exempt  Application\Correspondence \
LTR 005   - EDL

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